Installed Machinery

OMS • Sentury • Wulftech
Northeast Conveyors • Fanuc
Graham Engineering • Lantech
Ingersoll Rand • Signode
Autotech • CI Vision Systems

Customers Include

Graham Packaging Co
Marine Tech Wire & Cable
Northeast Conveyors
Westfalia Technologies

My name is Shawn, owner and president of Karma Industrial Services. I have been working in the Industrial field since I was seventeen years old, where I started out operating machines. I then moved into maintenance, and worked as a maintenance electrician for companies in the printing, plastics, packing and food industries. In 1999 I took a job with a rigging company and finally found a position I truly enjoyed. But I wanted more and wasn’t able to move forward anymore. So in 2010 I decided to start my own business and Karma was born.

Because I climbed up the ranks from the inside, I’m not a guy that sits behind a desk all day. I’m out in the field working right alongside my employees.